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Bayern Munich v Manchester City: Match Preview

December 10, 2013

Manchester City are through to the knockout-stages of the Champions League and play Arsenal on Saturday, so will rest some players. Even Jack Rodwell might play. Maybe.

Bayern Munich are through too, so will probably do the same (apart from the Jack Rodwell bit).

But then again they may not, because they don’t like City and might want to rub it in, with the league going their way as usual. At least Robben’s out.

But then City could win the group if they could register a 3-goal victory. In a similar fashion, I could win the lottery this weekend. Well I could if I ever bought a ticket.

City have come a long way. They once played Macclesfield. No, seriously. In the league!

Joe Hart’s back.



City may pack the midfield and stick 1 up front. They may not though, and stick to 4-4-2, which could be a dangerous tactic.

Yaya Toure won’t play as he’s suspended, but I bet Edin Dzeko does and Garcia and James Milner and I bet Clichy does too.

That’s unless they are injured, I haven’t checked. Did Rodwell travel with the squad? I don’t know.

A lot of the away end will be intoxicated.

Derogatory comments about Javi Garcia will appear online at precisely 6:45pm, and at regular intervals thereafter.

City will get someone really good in Friday’s draw. Eek.

(is it on Friday? I’ve no idea.)

Cue the music. Evocative, isn’t it?


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  1. nick g permalink

    didn’t predict that did you?

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