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A Charity Book For Sale: The Bumper Bundle of Manchester City Stories: 2008-14

August 8, 2014

In 2008, in a land not very far away, an ailing football club down on its luck won the lottery and changed the lives of those around them forever. This book is the story of Manchester City from 2008-14 through the humorous articles I wrote during that time.

It looks at the vitriol the club attracted after they were taken over six years ago as Thaksin Shinawatra fled to the east. It also looks at the wider game, from the role of social media in the modern game to City’s illustrious neighbours down the road, who finally gave City fans something to laugh about over recent years. But most of all, it’s just light-hearted observations on City and football as a whole. And by purchasing this book, you can be assured that all profits will be shared between two wonderful charities:

The Neuro Foundation, which helps people suffering from neurofibromatosis, which is the name for a number of genetic conditions that cause tumours to grow along your nerves, and secondly for Macmillan Cancer Support, who you will probably know more about.

The Bumper Bundle of City Slurs
Football In The Bible
MUTV Listings
How To Be An ITK’er
World Cup 2014 Review
Football’s Worst Clichés
The Louis Van Gaal quiz
And much, much more

Though Amazon randomly change my book prices for no apparent reason, the book has been priced cheaply, but every copy sold should contribute £1.50 towards the two charities.

The book contains five articles not previously published.

The Kindle Version can be found here.

The paperback version can be found here:

Thank you…


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  1. David Moyes permalink

    Good luck with the book sales and an excellent choice of charities.

  2. Bob permalink

    One kindle copy downloaded – something to read for the weekend. Come on everyone – its for a good cause.

  3. wernethblue permalink

    Read it in one sitting, great stuff Howard

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